My Corner of Paris

Okay, who would turn down a stay at the George V (Fours Seasons) in Paris? Not me, such a beautiful elegant hotel with exceptional staff, but if I am paying for the stay my little corner of Paris as well as my heart is in Saint Germain. I just love this arrondissement (6th). It has everything a Style Spotter desires – style, energy and culture.

There is exceptional shopping, relaxed crowds during the week with increased energy on the weekends, a fabulous park (Jardin du Luxembourg), and patisseries. I can just smell the apple turnover at Poilane. It was a tough decision but I just could not polish off a 4 pound loaf of their magnificent bread. The gentleman in front of me purchased an apple turnover and immediately turned around and handed it to a fellow standing near the doorway. What a good samaritan! And take my word, it was worth the calories.

Or what about a fantastic chocolate baguette (yes, you read that right) at the bakery on Rue du Dragon (mid-way up the block) or the best Parisian salad of warm roasted garlic potatoes on top of a chilled salad with roast beef (located on Rue du Four opposite from Pataugas Shoes). I should have taken a picture of this work of art but consumed it before the idea came to mind. And yes, I ate there several times on both my solo trips. It’s worth the hunt for these two shops even without their names (sorry).

You have your pick of shopping establishments – from a unique boutique to Le Bon Marche from known brands (Hermès, Prada, etc.) to boutiques with a few stores. On my first day in Paris this past summer, I happened into COS at 3, Rue de Grenelle. What a gem. The store is bright and airy inviting a long browse throughout. And the prices were great. Well worth a visit and I am sure you will leave with a bag in hand like me.

Let me leave you with my some of my favorite streets to meander in Saint Germain – Rue de Grenelle, Rue du Cherchi-Midi, Rue de Sevres, Rue Bonaparte and Rue Jacob.

Happy browsing! Got something to share. We’d love to hear


Makeup Guru and Such

A while back I discussed sun protection. Now for makeup. To be honest, while I was in Paris I was enamored with all the pharmacies that stock extensive collections of products. I was dazzled but overwhelmed partly because I could not translate the labeling. The cosmetics floor in Le Bon Marche was beautiful. I did not even meander through Printemps’ or Galleries Lafayette’s cosmetic floors. Frankly, my trip was short and I could not devote the hours to play there. (I view buying cosmetics like I do jewelry as a happy playful experience.) So if you have the time, language skill or hunting for something in particular ENJOY yourself. The women in Paris look great. I assume there is some magic potion which is the proverbial fountain of youth.

There are many French brands we are not familiar with here in the United States. So, Style Spotters, what have you discovered in Paris? Please share what you have found be it makeup, skin care, hair care or daresay anti-aging.

Here is another resource. Just recently I happened onto the website of Lisa Eldridge. Ms. Eldridge is a world renowned British makeup artist. Her website is extensive with tutorials and specific suggestions on products. I viewed a few of the tutorials and will go back for more. Check out her work and enjoy.