Approach Avoidance

Do any of you Style Spotters ever have approach avoidance after you have purchased something new? Now, I am not talking about buyer’s remorse, but a purchase made with clear conscience only you are reluctant to wear it. Or the painful thought of having to wear new shoes in the rain? I would almost walk barefoot before subjecting them to adverse conditions. Much like one of my favorite sleuths Hercule Poirot, I’d do almost anything to maintain the pristine condition of new shoes. I had a laugh when I viewed a recent program when he inadvertently sloshed through a big puddle. I cringe the same way.

Perhaps this is the opposite of the person who lovingly dons her new purchase only to throw it to the floor when taken off.

What the heck is this about?


FLATS and I Don’t Mean Tires

Flats. I’ve had my share of them (that is flat tires), but the only way I like to get around town, relax around the house, run errands or get to and from work is in flats. My feet are just not happy for any stretch of time walking in heels, so I wear them when necessary to look polished.

During my recent trip to Paris I stocked up on several pair. As I said early on, there are great shoes in many price ranges and for some wonderful reason European brands fit my feet well. And for those of you desiring heels or platforms, there are plenty of options.

Boutique Minelli –

Minelli, 85 Euros

Boutique Heyraud –

Heyraud, 129 Euros

Gelati – 75 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 and 6, Rue St. Sulpice, 75006

Gelati, 225 Euros (less VAT)

Also check out J.B. Martin and Accessoire Diffusion.

Have a favorite boutique, please share.  Happy shoe shopping!

Beyond Chanel, Hermès and Christian Louboutin

I do not yet consider myself a Francophile but it’s inevitable.  But what’s not inevitable is the desire to own a Chanel or Hermès handbag or Louboutin heels.  WOW, I got your attention!  Granted they are all beautiful labels and if I had extra disposable income I might indulge but who wants something someone else is wearing.  Isn’t style about you? 

There are magnificent stylish handbags, shoes and clothes that are in reach of most.  Why is it that European shoes so comfortably fit my size 9 (40) feet with bunions?  And the prices – you can get a great pair of shoes for $100.  Up to $300 and the options are exponential.  Or how about a great quality leather handbag for $300.

I was shopping for a handbag on a recent trip to Paris.  Of course there were the iconic labels such as the ones described above; however, I was hunting for “my” bag, that is, stylish, of high quality, and value for money.  Several bags caught my attention but on the last day of my trip I walked into Groom at 13, Rue du Cherche Midi in St. Germain.  It is a lovely boutique with an extensive assortment of quality leather handbags.  I looked at a few and selected a feedbag in a bordeaux Panama leather (cuir).  It is a shoulder bag but a long strap was available for a nominal price so you can wear it as a cross body bag.  After the refund of VAT, the bag cost less than $300.   Here’s their website:  Ideally you need to visit their store for the explosion of colored bags tucked away in their drawers.

The Style Spotter is about fashion options.  You know the expression – a horse of a different color well this is a blog of a different color.  Lots of well written blogs post pictures and share advice on trend-setting fashion.  The Style Spotter has been created to foster a dialogue between like-minded people who have an eye for style without spending lots of money.  Let’s share among ourselves our finds internationally or domestically, be respectful of others’ opinions and just indulge in good-hearted conversation!

Just a little bit about me.  I am a professional window-shopper (that is I love to look and I purchase selectively), had my own import wholesale gift business, was manager of a Hermès boutique and was also a manager of a high end jewelry department for a luxury retail chain.

In my next posting, I will list a few additional favorite handbag stores within my Paris radar.  Thanks for reading The Style Spotter and spreading it among your friends.

To get our dialog started, let me know what you think and I would love to hear of a favorite handbag shop of yours in Paris.