Saved by the Supplement

Not really.

I was intrigued a while back by an email I received from PBS showcasing their upcoming programs. One of their links was 5 Myths About Nutritional Supplements. I thought this an odd link since it was not showcasing a television program. However, as I read and thought about it, wouldn’t you agree that when you feel fit, well rested and of a positive mindset you can conquer the day?

The article presented the myths followed by the facts. I am not a nutritionist or healthcare provider so I cannot comment on the content or recommend vitamins or supplements, but I would just go on to question each of you Style Spotters what are you doing from the inside out? You could be sporting the latest trend or in our case the most stylish outfit but if you are not feeling great even the best of outfits won’t save the day. (Or maybe it will?)

It’s been over 11 months since New Year’s resolutions were made. Perhaps it’s time to rethink and take one small step in a positive direction be it a healthier diet, exercise, educational stimulation or community service. We don’t need to wait for January 1st for new resolutions!

Almost every women in Paris looked fit and healthy. What’s her secret? Any thoughts?


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