Bye Bye Baby

Question of the day, Style Spotters… have you ever had remorse for anything you gave away or sold?

Recently, I separated from my car of 17 years. It served me extremely well but after blowing the head gasket (I really don’t know what it does except it’s an expensive repair) and likely needing a new engine, I decided it was time to give up repairing it. I watched it being loaded onto a tow truck and after saying sayonara it went onto its new owner (who by the way got a great car for a very cheap price). I really should not complain or have remorse, I got a great sports car in its place, and it’s red if you must know! But the memories… family outings, carpool to schools, trips from here to there. It’s like a journal or photo album, a family record. Well, I guess I just need to jump into my new car and head out, the start of a new chapter.

Please feel free to share car stories, but this was more an entree to clothes, shoes or accessories that you may have parted with and that were an extension of you. Let’s hear. Perhaps someone can help you get reconnected!


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