Barneys, Bendel and Beyond

George Washington Bridge

I had the pleasure of being in Manhattan recently and went into a few of my favorite stores. I was with a friend and her first stop was T.J. Maxx at 57th Street. As you walk in the entrance you are smack into the handbag department. They had a decent selection of handbags though none cried out to me, but what was evident was that you could buy a more exciting handbag in Paris for the same price. Granted you need to be in Paris but for the same $300, you have a great bag that has not been seen by your friends or colleagues.

Next stop was Barneys. I had a $175 gift card to spend or expire, but try finding anything for $175. Well after almost 2 hours of looking and trying, I managed to select a T by Alexander Wang top. It’s utilitarian and I am sure I will wear it frequently, but I never would have purchased this top if I did not have the gift card. I recently purchased a red cashmere sweater for $30 at Nordstrom Rack and that was truly value for money.

Oh, let me not wander off my subject. So Barneys had many lovely handbags from Bottega Veneta to Louboutin. The Louboutin was priced around $1200 and was quite a good-looking structured bag. Other bags were made of beautiful supple leathers, but I stick to my premise, a great bag can be found for a reasonable price.

Next stop was Henri Bendel. As you enter the store you are in their fashion jewelry department. Perhaps their selection is the rage, but doubtful any of it would pass the test of time (more than a year or two) or become an heirloom for you to pass along to your (future) granddaughter. Handbags also stand prominently on the first floor, and they had a nice mix. There were a few items around $400-500 and then up.
Afterwards we wandered around a bustling Manhattan crowded with visitors from around the world. The energy was high and an enjoyable day was had.

Thanks for reading The Style Spotter.


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