Bags Galore


So let’s get back to Paris. 

I promised a few additional suggestions for handbag shops. Walking along Rue Saint Honore, you will come among known and perhaps unknown labels in the handbag world. Just a block from Goyard is Tosca Blu (209 Rue Saint Honore;, a lovely Italian boutique (I know, I love Italy too). The shop carries an assortment of colorful and contemporary accessories and handbags. On two previous trips to Paris, I purchased on each visit. Back in autumn 2009, I purchased a great snakeskin bag with horn handle. I wear it each spring and autumn and it still looks terrific. On my first day in Paris in early 2011, I dropped off my luggage and was off to take in the sites and sounds of the city. I made it over to Rue Saint Honore and stopped into Tosca Blu. I immediately purchased a great black leather bag with pinhole cutouts and antique gold metal trim. I hadn’t even started sightseeing! Again, each under $300.

Upla is another store that I would like to bring to your attention. It is located a couple of blocks from the Church of St. Germain-des-Pres at 5 Rue St. Benoit ( It’s a cool store and their distinctive handbag style is that of a fisherman’s satchel. They also design luggage, sacs and backpacks, and they are made from leather, cotton canvas and nylon. The straps are canvas and the roomy bag can be worn as a shoulder bag or cross body. I was intrigued with a nylon version which was very light weight and available in numerous colors (as are their other bags). It was 175 Euros of which you could get the VAT refunded. I think I made a mistake. I did not buy it. Oh well, perhaps next visit.

As you roam around Paris, whether a destination in mind or complete leisure, you will find so many wonderful options. Keep your thoughts on style and remember you are purchasing to please yourself. If this purchase will be worn for more than a few seasons and you love it (and can afford it), go for it!

Yes, I took all the photographs featured. I have some great pictures to share. I look forward to hearing your comments and spreading the word about The Style Spotter. Thanks!


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